CA7CH Lightbox Success!

Congratulations to the CA7CH Team and their amazing success!  Just one week into their Kickstarter campaign, the CA7CH Lightbox project has more than doubled their $80,000 goal – and there are still over 20 days left to raise funds!

Lightbox is a tiny live-streaming, wearable camera maxing out at only 1.5 inches per side with a sleek aluminum body.  This small, powerful waterproof camera connects with your Smartphone to make the experience of “catching” and sharing life’s moments easy, spontaneous and fun.   
Here at Salient, we are delighted to have had a hand in the conceptual design and prototyping of the Lightbox camera housing and mounting system. Through industrial design, 3D modeling and many conversations with the CA7CH crew, we were able to fabricate prototypes and film-ready models to prep Lightbox for manufacturing and distribution. 
Learn more about Lightbox and check out the CA7CH Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the image below.  Good luck, CA7CH

ca7ch video screenshot

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