Collapsing down to a 1″ thick disc, the Hydaway is constructed of  BPA free, non-toxic, food-grade silicone that’s dishwasher safe and made in 21 oz and 12 oz sizes.  Hydaway boasts a leak-proof cap and hinged design that’s a great solve for a portable, reusable, compact water bottle. Using 3D CAD, Salient has been helping engineer kinks out of Hydaway making all the tooling and molds ready to manufacture.

 “I couldn’t have built this product in the timeframe I did without the expertise of the Salient team.   They blend a great mix of engineered functionality and design aesthetic.  I love that when we reach a problem to overcome, it’s a groupthink that benefits from many different perspectives.  I’m very impressed with what they can accomplish, not only on my project, but also the variety of others they’ve worked on – especially considering how much time they spend in Nerf gun battles. :)” -Niki Singlaub, Founder, Hydaway Bottles

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