ROC Wheels (Reach Out and Care Wheels)  is a non-profit organization that manufactures, delivers and maintains fully adjustable tilt-in-space wheelchairs to children in developing countries for 1/10 the cost of wheelchairs in the U.S. while still maintaining U.S. standards of functionality. ROC Wheels’ goal in working with Salient Technologies, Inc. was to create manufacturing designs that allow production centers within these countries to build wheelchairs, reduce turnaround time, create jobs and continue to keep costs at a minimum.  Salient produced 3D CAD files and essential proof of concept pieces to make this goal possible.

“Over the last five years Salient Technologies has enabled us to make swift and accurate design modifications to our ROC Wheelchair. As we continue to expand our operations to manufacture the ROC Chair throughout the world we are constantly challenged by the availability of quality materials. Being able to work with Salient Technologies’ talented engineers has allowed us to make modifications in the design in order to incorporate local materials while retaining or structural geometry and many features of the ROC Chair for the end user.” – Andrew Babcock, Executive Director, ROC Wheels

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