Salient 2016 Highlights


Another year has gone by, and here at Salient, we have lots to be excited about!
(in no particular order) are just a few things that made our year great:

Salient 2016 HighlightsSalient Highlights

  1. Working with a wide range of customers on over 160 products this year; ranging from leaf blowers to sippy cups and from playground
    equipment to oceanic drones.
  2. Winning the Prospera Business Network’s 2016 Innovator of the Year award
  3. David Yakos won “Toy Innovator of the Year” at the ChiTag TAGIE Awards
  4. Being Finalists for two TOTYs (Toy of the Year Awards) {the Oscars of the Toy & Game world}!:
    1. Toy of the Year Finalist: Mega Tracks
    2. Game of the Year Finalist: Circuit Maze
  5. Acquiring a new 48×36 Laser cutter for large format cutting and etching fun
  6. Launching a Soft Goods Department; including new industrial sewing machines, heat-cool press, Optitex workstation, hot air welder and seam taping machine
  7. Purchasing a new FormLabs Form2 SLA 3D Printer for fast prototyping in multiple materials
  8. Attending the Outdoor Retailer (O.R.) Summer Market
  9. Attending HATCH Experience in Big Sky, Montana, and HATCH LatAm in Panama
  10. Participating in the Montana Department of Commerce’s Montana Pavilion at ISPO in Munich, Germany
  11. David addressed the Montana Ambassadors Annual Meeting & Conference as their Keynote speaker
  12. Steve addressed MMEC Compete Smart at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
  13. Winning the People’s Choice Award at Blunderbuss Maker Faire 
  14. Enjoying delicious nitrogen-frozen gelato made by Kevin from Big Horn Valve Company
  15. Attending the NY Toy Fair and receiving a Best of Toy Fair 2016 award
  16. Being written up in Forbes for creativity
  17. Collaborating with Helio + Company to create the first-ever 3D printed movie titles, which were used in The Fourth Phase

Check out some photos from all these happenings, below, and check out all the links above for more detail on our wild year!

We hope your year was fantastic, and that 2017 is filled with good things,

~The Salient Team

The Importance of an Animation – Using 3D CAD to Tell Stories

If a picture is worth a thousands words, then at 30 frames per second, a video is worth its weight in gold…

Seal Master

In the product design world, a high value is placed on sharing ideas, which springboard to greater things. Animations are helpful for both proof of concept prior to an idea being fully fleshed out and for products that are ready to manufacture.  Today, videos play a pivotal role in getting a product seen by the right person or group, and often lead to purchase or licensing agreements. With social media playing such a large role in our society, creating a video that highlights the key features of your design and why it stands apart from others can be a key player in getting a product to market.

Take Kickstarter for example. Each crowd-funding campaign is required to have a video to share the story behind the idea of what’s being pitched and all the elements that make this particular product worth monetary backing. Frequently, these products are still in a prototype phase, so the value of an animation is immeasurable in being able to paint a picture of something that could potentially exist, but needs funding to actually reach the manufacturing stage.

Earlier this year, Seal Master Corporation approached Salient Technologies, Inc. for help showcasing a product. Using 3D CAD and video editing software, the STI Team was able to provide Seal Master with a technical animation showcasing their inflatable seals and the components that set it apart from the competition. Salient delivered the video they envisioned to communicate product features to potential client and grow their business.

Check out the video animation below:

After working with STI, Dan Jackson, IT Manager for Seal Master Corporation had only good things to say:
“Salient Technologies has been wonderful to work with. From initial draft to final revision, our animation has been created exactly how we envisioned. When many other design firms fell short with our concept, Salient had the knowledge and vision to deliver. They provide quality work for a fair price. Looking forward to working with them in the future for all of our technical animation needs.”

Let Salient Technologies, Inc. help share your idea and vision through the power of animation!

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