SkateRay Lights up the Night

“Salient helped me do what I could have never done alone: design a product that held true to my vision but could also be manufactured in quantity. Working with them is a perfect blend of professionalism and fun!”
~Martin Reaves, Skate Ray and Monolithic, LLC

SkateRay vid pic

Martin Reaves dreams of a better future.  A future where skateboarders don’t have to be afraid of the dark.  Enter the Skate Ray: a high power LED headlight for your board that lights up your path, illuminating obstacles so you can ride with the same confidence at night as you do during the day.  Learn more about Skate Ray and check out the Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the image above.

Designed to fit securely between your board and trucks, Skate Ray is built to take a beating and go anywhere your board goes. The slim profile light is housed in a sturdy aluminum casing with a custom gasket to keep out dirt and water. Indicator lights on the power button let you know when it’s time to hook up a mini-USB to the rechargeable lithium battery so you’re never left in the dark.

Salient has been working with Reaves and the Monolithic, LLC team since January to work up prototypes and design for Manufacture, and on July 21st, the Skate Ray Kickstarter campaign goes live to raise support for production.
We’re proud to have partnered with Reaves and Monolithic, and we can’t wait to see what happens when Skate Ray is unveiled to the world of crowd-funding. We think it’ll be pretty illuminating, and we hope Reaves’ dream of a better future comes true.skateray-4---sized
Monolithic, LLC is: Martin Reaves (mechanical engineer), Joel Martin (filmmaker), Justin Hogan (PhD electrical engineer) and Andy Hahn (animator).
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