October 31, 2016 David Yakos

Laser Cut Birdman Costume

One handy tool for prototyping is a laser cutter.  At Salient, we use our laser to cut wood, plastic, cardboard and fabric for testing, prototypes and golden samples.  However, with Halloween upon us, why not make a cardboard Birdman costume using the laser cutter?!  Once you have a pattern, the laser cutter is more precise, repeatable and faster than cutting with a blade.

Here are some basic steps and images of the process.  For full instructions, you can visit http://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Bird-Man-Costume-With-Wings/

  1. Design the flat pattern in SolidWorks keeping in mind the ideal size and articulation for the wings. (This was very fast, allowing for the quick scaling of parts and patterning of features like feathers.)Laser Cutting Birdman
  2. Cut out the pieces using the laser…. So much faster and accurate then cutting cardboard with a knife!      birdman-laser-cutting-spread
  3. Assemble the pieces using industrial strength hot glue, bolts and nuts for the wings and Gorilla Tape.      laser-cut-birdman-halloween-costume
    And, Voila!  It’s a Birdman Halloween!

Birdman Costume

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